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    The riser material choices are Bubinga, Bolivian Rosewood, Shedua, Myrtlewood, Zebrawood, Cocobolo, Osage, Bocote or Ebony with accent stripping of Bubinga, Myrtlewood, Shedua, Cocobolo, or Yellow Heart. The limb core material choices are Red Elm, Walnut, Myrtlewood, Osage, Red Cedar, Yew or Bamboo laminations or Bocote or striped Ebony veneers over Red Elm. The back of the riser is backed with a wood veneer to match the riser and clear glass over it then a 5" piece of white glass with a wood veneer. To add to the beauty of these limbs, we use fade-outs and tip overlays to match the riser material or riser accent stripe.

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