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 Traditional Custom Longbows

Imagine participating in traditional archery with a smooth bow that provides impressive accuracy and beauty. At Custom Bows by Wes Wallace in Beavercreek, Oregon, we design one-of-a-kind longbows that meet your hunting needs.

The Royal Longbow
My longbow, known as The Royal, has a reflex-deflex design with trapezoid limbs. This structure creates a great cast and smoothness with minimal hand shock. Both the shelf and sight window are a radius cut, and the brace height is six-and-a-half to seven inches.

Takedown Design
Order this high-functioning longbow in a takedown or one-piece option. All the takedown handles have  brass tubing built into the riser section, which slips into a stainless steel sleeve with a precision fit.
The takedown riser has black glass or linen micarta for added strength. All longbows have linen micarta and wood tip overlays to match the riser, as well as standard antler tips.

High-End Finish
The finish on the bow is moisture-resistant, flexible, and the most durable finish that I have found. It is a clear satin finish, which is dull enough that you don’t need to camo your bow.

Exotic Hardwood Materials
The Royal Longbow comes with a large section of exotic hardwoods for the riser. The limb core material is your choice of bamboo, red elm, and yew. We also offer exotic woods for limb veneers and split veneers.
All the Longbows come standard with DynaFLIGHT 97 string, and all the limbs are backed with clear fiberglass. Our variety of exotic wood choices is listed on our order form.

Longbow Unstrung


longbow handle

Wood Longbow Tip

Locator Grip Longbow Tip Overlay
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